Well I am writing this from Erdinet a city / town north of ub where I have gone for the weekend to meet up with Grant who had gone ahead on toilet business and also to see the people who lived in our flat before we got here.

Had a very good relaxing weekend was good to see a reasonably sized Mongolian church here although we didn’t get a welcome song which is unusual for Mongolia.
I also had a Korean lesson from a American girl from LA who has come here for a few weeks, to teach at the cafe run by JCS in Erdinet, its very odd having a Korean speak so fluently in American (not English ;) and makes her easy to loose here in a crowd until you hear her speak!
We are having plenty of English speaking arguments and misunderstandings with my English, Grants and Judy's Australian (They can’t even pronounce all the letters in there countries name) and the 2 Canadians (Johnny and Marina) and the American (Cecilia) here. Never mind the Dutch woman (Magda) and the Chinese guy(Jerry) here.

Although it is definitely starting to get colder again and snowed again overnight. Not very heavily, but though with the low humidity it doesn’t feel as cold as the temperature dial says unless the wind is blowing.

otherwise all is fine , I am hopefully getting the overnight train back to ub which was good on the way here I slept most of the night and even managed to get a free breakfast off one of my fellow traveller's a electrical engineer who was in Mongolia with the Japanese embassy who was travelling with his son and daughter. Or at least that’s what I assumed as only his daughter spoke any English. So we didn’t speak to much as Judy who I travelled with didn’t have much more Mongolian than myself, and as it’s a overnight train in the dark we pretty much wanted to try and sleep.

Hope all is OK at home and God Bless


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