Back to UB

well me and Grant managed to get back to ub yesterday morning after another good trip on the train, with 2 women who enjoyed seeing my Bulgaria pictures on my ipod, so ive now changed them as i realised the only family pictures on my ipod where of Bertie my Dog.
Last Thursday I gave me testimony at a local church which seemed to be received fine at the English service although i am not sure how many actual English speakers there, only 1 Korean guy looked actively interested. the rest a bit lost!
but it was good to do and prepare for anyway.
The testimony was further hampered by the dogey locks at our apartment which meant that when i went back to the flat that evening i couldn't get in to our apartment and had to eat around one of the other Jcs team members apartment. and then go straight to church missing the notes I had made on my laptop and left in the flat. but fortunately i left my keys with them and they managed to make the lock barely usable before i got home from church.

But since then we managed to get the landlords brother in yesterday to swap the locks over although now we have 2 keys that look identical on both the locks.


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