Returning on the 10th dec!


Guess its time to update the blog again; quite a few things have happened in the last couple of weeks, the work is going well for the more technical minded here is what I have been doing.

Replaced a firewall PC with a net gear router
Replaced MS office with open office on several trial PC's
Tried out various types of Linux, desktop and server.
Built and trashed a windows 2000 server as we decided we couldn’t afford the licence for a 2nd server and not really needed so we are trying to extend the usefulness of the current one.
Tried out LAN server (Ethernet to hard drive) device which broke as they gave us the wrong power supply at the shop. Why they can’t keep everything in the box I don’t know.
And fixed a few other pc's that have died. Due to various power related issues.

I am also almost now booked to return on the 10th December. but what to do after that I do not know, I know I will need to get a new passport before doing another trip like this at any rate.
On the social side of things it’s all going well although it is a pain having people coming and going all the time. I have been going to the English service at one of the local churches on a Sunday quite often and I went to an English youth service on Thursday night which was really entertaining and very lively I will be giving my testimony there next week and my flat mate the week after.

God Bless


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