2 weeks of work done!

now I am 2 weeks in to the job I am getting more of an idea of what is expected of me, mostly to keep things going and take things away from busier people and for the longer term to see about getting legal software here, which is quite a challenge, so currently trying our hands on open office and a bit of Linux although we all seem to be a bit rusty on that, as well as getting a more secure backup.
Went to the English service again which was good very lively even more so than usual and a good sermon although the German accent was hard to understand but easier than the Mongolian service I went to last week., they offered cookies and snacks at the end which turned out to be cheese on bread with sardines. Not what I was hoping for. But the big achievement was succeeding to get a taxi on my own to the service although I walked back going via town to get a few things.
Another entertaining story of the week was whilst waiting for some printing to get bound in town I get asked do you speak English by a local and ended up spending 20mins going through a essay of his marking his Grammar, hopefully he will get it double checked! But I hopefully left the essay in a better state than when I found it.
God Bless.


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