1 week of work later


Well I have done 1 week of work so almost settled in to some form of schedule, although another guy might be moving in who might disturb things, but that’s a separate matter.
current schedule is wake up at 8 watch Andromeda over breakfast then shower, if the hot water is on, usually is in my new apartment, then turn up for work about 9.15 depending on whether it is currently snowing or not! Although the snow melts quickly here.
Then at work I have had various things to do from repairing office machines which they are currently all fine to installing a brand new colour printer then locking it down to stop anyone from using it as it is very hard to find replacement cartridges.
Although unfortunately I had to take Friday morning of as I had been sick quite a few times Thursday evening, but I have eaten since and seem fine. showed up on Friday afternoon and found a new pc had arrived that had been donated for someone to use in a remote town who was going on Sunday morning, that only had a Korean version of win98 so after many abortive attempts of installing win98 English on it, I tried to install XP and halfway through at 5.30 on the dot the power supply for the building went off. So I will have to go in the office today to have another look and also do some stuff to the server which I have not been able to do whilst people are around. Install patches etc... Hopefully.
On Wednesday evening we went as a group to have supper as the film pirates of the Caribbean 2 that people wanted to watch is still not out here till next week. I am sure ive already spotted it in the dodgy DVD shops. and my flatmate Grant had a parcel which I had to hand over to him as he doesn’t go to the office much, which his friend had sent him back in Australia, very much smelling of beer, as his friend had sent him a can that had exploded in the plane soaking the rest of his stuff but at least his A-Team DVD's arrived safely.

Hope all the teachers are all settling back to work and getting themselves busy again keeping themselves out of trouble.

God Bless


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