The Retreat

Morning -
came back from the annual retreat yesterday seems the powers that be decided that I needed a retreat after being here a week, although the
retreat was harder work than the week before!had some good talks from the speaker a Guy called su-santa who used to be president of the main Indian missionary society. which will take
a while to digest, its good to see a speaker who doesn't mind looking stupid to make a point! especially about how we should stop getting
weighed down with the unimportant things.but having time for God.think laptop bag on head!
I start my language course on Monday hopefully, at the moment no one seems to know where it is going to be but will hopefully be sorted by
Monday! although I am having the language course cut short by 3 days as i have been invited to join a holiday to see the birthplace of
chinngis chan with some of the other missionaries they have hired a plane and everything so should be fun! hopefully I can catch up on the
language at a later date.As if I don't go in to the country side now it may get to late once autumn comes along gets a bit icy and snowy
and even more unreliable transport.
At the moment the weather is still nice and sunny most of the time Max temp's in the high 20's / 30's nice and green , clear air and I
have witnessed more rain than I did during the few weeks before I left to come here!
although sleeping in a Ger like I was at the retreat does highlight when it is raining, they where nice and comfortable, although even Sam
could not light the oven properly to warm it up. had to let the locals do it when we where around for the call, usually they came around
either to early in the morning or too early in the evening as we would stay up to late playing card games elsewhere.
Was good to meet some of the other missionaries and felt odd discussing with a 60-70 year old English teacher, which internet connection
was better where she was although by what she was saying transfer speeds are very different in this country not very broadband! and a
fibre optic one is not much faster. so i could not help her to much with out further info.
The food is going fine , a few of us got some food poisoning on the final day of the retreat, quite a few up for healing! including myself
but my stomach seems to have recovered will have some bread and jam soon to check, I think my stomach decided in advance the meat was bad
and didn't let it go further. as I was sick once but that was it.
otherwise food has been a bit of a mixture as you can get almost everything here. just sometimes quality can be a issue and a lack of
brand names.
The Team seemed to do well with the children's work and kept them all amused, i tried to avoid that bit being on retreat myself ;) although
some of the older kids did join us for the evening card games.

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