New Place

Well I have now moved in with Grant (Australian guy here with JCS working with the local government) to my our apartment for the next few months, and slept the night on a very hard double bed to myself. fortunately the people who had the place before us have left quite a few things and we have had stuff donated including another bed so that grant doesn’t have to enjoy the sofa bed. which he seems to be doing as ive been up for a few hours and he's still asleep.just had cornflakes for breakfast which was a good change. The flat has windows on 3 sides which is good change, with a view out over all the city on with the various light displays at night saying where the nightclubs are. even a small Eiffel tower.The other sides offering a similar view with one offering a building site of 2 tower blocks being built at the same time even at 9am on a Sunday and a 3rd having the finishing touches done.The rooms are all nice and big and we only need to get a few things like kitchen cupboards and power extensions leads and a TV to really settle in. I am planning on going to a 3pm English speaking church service today which could be interesting.

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