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Well I am writing this from the usual place probably for the last time as tomorrow I will have to move this laptop from the apartment I have had for the last 2 weeks for my new apartment which I have slept in once but has no internet connection! I am planned to be there for
the next week.
So this week in language week 1 which so far today is just trying to learn the secret code called Cyrillic, why they have to have 35 letters is beyond me. but according to the teacher I am doing well but they probably say that to everyone, whether it stays in my head over
night is another thing, sain bainou looks a lot different in Cyrillic!
but in keeping with my 1 week on 1 week off attitude, I have a holiday planned, more details to follow when i know more, (ie after the event) where I am heading out to the country side with 4 others, a pilot in a 9 seater.should be fun, I did invite Sam but he declined
something about liking his feet on the ground.
so since the retreat its been fun, had a day of starvation on Friday as per earlier misfortunes, then Saturday ate as usual and have been fine since. Went out for lunch on Saturday leaving Sam to do a bit of the washing then ended up returning at 2am after having lunch at the Phillips, going to see the winter palace, (v.nice if small, and strange exhibits of animals not found in Mongolia, all stuffed in Germany,also featured a early entrant to the Mongol rally a horse cart with made in Great Britain on the side!) Then after we went in to town then tried to go in the Irish pub but after sitting down and a few of us ordering discovered we where next door! so will try again another time, took a while to work out why nothing Irish was on the menu! Then we went to the cultural show which was meant to be for foreigners but in true 'British' style (ie everyone should speak our language) was only in Mongolian, it was really missing some Monty python type announcements. Next there will be 3 tall ladies who will make a noise that will severely hurt and you will wonder whether your glasses will break' but the rest sounded good but was very much out of context.
Then I decided to leave the group and go with Grant to go to a goodbye do for a few of the younger people I met at the retreat at the local Chinese, where we all shared a meal, I was the only one with a fork , and beer! some things never change, then as some things do , we went and did karaoke for about 2 hours to finish ruining my ears! although I didn't join in much myself.
then back to one of the peoples house's for tea and then walked one of the girls back and came back to find Sam awake so talked for a while till the internet stopped working as we went on-line for a bit so gave up and went to sleep.
Then impressively enough I was up and ready for 9.30 church, which being in Mongolian did not help my concentration as there was no overheads or even a service sheet and 1 song book which fortunately I was near, so I barely had any idea what was happening, but even John Phillips admitted he didn't have much of a clue either! so I might decide on another church possibly the one that grant goes to a 2.30 start is interesting idea.
since then I packed in the afternoon and evening, and moved to the new apartment then they left with out saying goodbye this morning typical!
hope everyone is well at home feel free to send any news if you have any
God Bless

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