backup has arrived

Mornin People
who read this and don't respond!
just to say the new team has arrived and all seem to be healthy so far despite visiting a lovely polluted Beijing, John has done me good service showing me around town and I have now visited a massive market takes 20mins at a quick pace from one end to the other. mostly outside. almost everything available. Also visited the main temple here which has a few impressively old buildings for this place, ie not Russian built or Ger's and a massive 80ft high statue which they choose to hide in a building that can only just fit it, spoiling your view,The free view of Genghis carved on the hill side (white horse on downs style) is a much better show and free.
The view below is from my apartment window for those who don't believe where I am!
Tomorrow we are going on the retreat for a week so may not get to post / check email till Saturday from this evening onwards.but time for me to go to work now.
God Bless,

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