Arrived Safely

just to say I have arrived safely and had a good 24 hours so far here, although now slept for more than half of it! definitely not as hot as England and every shop seems to be a Lidl's (in stock not name) even found the odd half white half normal chocolate spread I had at uni which I could only find in Lidl's although probably a different brand. still haven't worked on the language much just had some one phone which just lead me to quickly put the phone down as neither of us could speak the same language, probably a sales call so not much issue.
my list of forgotten things is growing nicely. but nothing too serious.phones seem to be out of wire coming from a mysterious location so not much issue with sockets as the wire fits the phone and the laptop. but finding light switches. seem to be a bit odd as they can either be halfway in to a room or halfway out of the hall way.
fixed 1 pc already, and have my own desk although all it now has is a broken keyboard on it but as I seem to have taken the morning off will see this afternoon.
Trip was nice and uneventful apart from the wait in Berlin, good thing I brought my Ipod really.didn't manage to get a exit seat as it seems Italian short people had got there first, but I felt more sorry for the guy in front of me, who was my height but twice as wide so needed a extra seat belt and managed to break both arm rests even down to getting the electronics out on to the isle one as people kept bashing past him.
my watch is still confused from the flight but as I don't know my actual altitude I cannot fix that although 1440m may be correct, but I have fixed the compass part as it did think that North was to my east, as shown by all the Ger's which work well as a compass.

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