1 day left of language

Just to say i have got back from my travels to thinta region of Mongolia which was great fun with my friends if a bit smelly and bumpy due to lack of showers and decent toilets, how they cope in the winter I don't know, a outside toilet is copeable is positive temperatures! but was good to see the open country side and some friendly wildlife stuffed bears, eagles, marmots,and sabre tooth kangaroo's (Devil Skippies) . also good to see birth place of chinggis chan and see what life is like out in the country side as it is very different to ub but the people are friendlier at least. always offering food and drink etc.. but always expecting free T-shirts back, was funny to see how many kids where wearing 'Jesus saves' T-shirts by the end of our 3 day visit.
I have 1 day left of language lessons fortunately so I can get back to the actual work of why I have come out here as it feels I have been doing everything but for the last month! but I can at least say I have settled in well and thanks for all your prayers.
With regards to the work John mark and myself seem to have similar ideas which will help although difficulties presented here but not in the UK will make it more interesting.hope all you teachers are getting ready to go back to work! the have the kids going back for 1 day tomorrow as its the first of September!anyway time to sleep for now

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