just to say contrary to the belief of some I am still in the UK, I have had several injections still need to sort out Rabies and hep B I believe.

Finally got all info ready for Visa so waiting for that current plan in to leave on the 3rd of October with the easy tiger lot, who are going for a separate mission,

Also currently got 2 weeks left of work and will then have 2 weeks off before I go any idea for filling them would be appreciated as I am sure I don't need all that time. otherwise I may just fill it with working more!!

Just came back from Easy Tigers weekend away, which is our local 18-30's group here in Sussex and was a good series of talks on our final destination , the new earth etc... what can be determined , of course now more questions than answers but at least we know the basics correctly.
Will find a spot to place my US trip photo's on-line at some point soon.

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